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Sentry Shield (for Arduino) [Version 4]

Status: Discontinued
Reason: Outdated version

This was the first prototype and production version of the sentry shield.
The hole below the MOSFET, which was meant to allow a user to bolt a heat sink to the MOSFET, was determined to be unnecessary. 

  • This shield fits the Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, and Diecimila.
  • Solderless header (plug-in) connections for the three servo motors: trigger, pan, and tilt.
  • Alternatively supports an electric-type trigger, providing solder points for wires to the gun battery and the gun motor.
  • Provides solder points for wires to an optional 'disable plate' button.
  • Three control switches: Aim, Safe, and Reload.
  • Standard 5.5mm power jack for servo power.
  • Can handle up to 1A current before getting warm, for using high-torque and heavy-duty servos.
  • Status LED's for Power, USB connection, Mode, and Firing.
  • Fully compatible with Project Sentry Gun's code.
  • *Arduino not included