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Sentry Controller (standalone) [Version 5]

Status: Discontinued
Reason: Outdated version

Version 5 had a few revisions from Version 3:
    1) Reload switch was changed to a pin breakout
    2) USB auto-reset was added
    3) Made use of the ATMega328's internal 8MHz oscillator

  • Replaces the Arduino + Sentry Shield combination with one simple, all-in-one solution, for a lower price.
  • Plug-in connections for the three servo motors: trigger, pan, and tilt.
  • Two control switches: Aim (Servo Power), Safe (Trigger Servo Power), with optional bypass solder points.
  • Supports an electric-type trigger, providing solder points for wires to the gun battery and the gun motor.
  • Standard 5.5mm power jack for servo power, with optional bypass solder points.
  • Provides solder points for wires to an optional 'disable plate' button and optional Reload Position switch.
  • Can handle up to 5A current before getting warm, for using high-torque and heavy-duty servos.
  • Status LED's for Power, Mode, Firing, and USB RX and TX.
  • 10 user-programmable digital I/O pins for your own expansions and prototyping (6 of these can also be used as analog inputs).
  • Supports USB 2.0 communication
  • On-board ATMega328 processor
  • Fully compatible with Project Sentry Gun's code.
  • No soldering required.
  • Open-Source Design Files (EagleCAD)
  • Datasheet / Instructions