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Sentry Controller (Standard) [Version 8]

Status: Discontinued

This was the last produced version of the Sentry Controller. This page is kept for reference.
The Standard edition of the sentry controller eliminated the electric trigger MOSFET on the bottom of the board. Aside from this change, it was identical to the Electric Trigger edition. This was done to slim down the board a little bit, and to save the cost and time of soldering an awkwardly shaped component to the bottom of the board.

  • Replaces the Arduino + Sentry Shield combination with one simple, all-in-one solution, for a lower price. In other words, if you use this product, you will not have to do any wiring or soldering to build your sentry.
  • Plug-in connections for the three servo motors: trigger, pan, and tilt.
  • Servo Power switch, with optional bypass solder points.
  • Standard 5.5mm power jack for servo power, with optional bypass solder points.
  • Provides solder points for wires to an optional 'disable plate' button and optional Reload Position switch.
  • Can handle up to 5A current before getting warm, for using high-torque and heavy-duty servos.
  • Status LED's for Power, Mode, USB RX, and USB TX.
  • 12 user-programmable digital I/O pins for your own expansions and prototyping (8 of these can also be used as analog inputs).
  • Supports USB 2.0 communication (with mini-B USB cable).
  • On-board ATMega328 processor pre-loaded with Project Sentry Gun code.
  • Fully compatible with Project Sentry Gun's code.
  • No soldering required.
  • Open-Source Design Files (EagleCAD)
  • Previous versions
  • Download Drivers
Note: If you want to use the "Electric Trigger" functionality, you should get this version of the controller. Usually the electric trigger function is used to wire directly to an electric airsoft gun. See Wiring for details.