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Prototype PCB has arrived

posted Feb 15, 2011, 2:38 PM by Bob Rudolph
My first version of a Sentry Gun Controller Board arrived the other day. I soldered on the componenets and tested it, but found an error in the wiring for the USB communication, which uses the FT232RL chip to create a virtual COM port on the computer.
I am designing and ordering a new version. Some day soon I hope to be able to sell these, as an alternative to making your own circuit. Don't worry, everything will stay open-source!
Capabilities of the sentry controller board:
  • USB communication
  • Built-in switches for Aim, Fire, and Reload
  • ATMega chip, can be removed easily to re-program with new software
  • Socket for a wireless RF receiver (and supporting code);
  • Ability to fire an electric gun (through a built-in MOSFET, or a non-electric gun (thorugh a servo on the trigger)
  • Servo 3-pin headers
  • Servo power jack
  • Various status LED's
  • Everything is contained on board, no other circuitry necessary
  • Overall plug-and-play. With this board, assembly of a full electronics system for a sentry gun will take about 3 minutes at max.