Gladiator II Paintball Sentry Gun

Tutorial #2: Software Setup

‎[OUTDATED]‎ Tutorial #4: The Sentry Controller ‎(Standalone)‎

Tutorial #5: Finding a Gun's Center of Gravity

Version 8 Pan/Tilt ‎‎(without servos)‎‎

Version 5 Quick Software Demo

Airsoft Sentry Gun Version 4

Homemade Airsoft Sentry Gun Version 2

Homemade Airsoft Sentry Gun Version 1

Tutorial #1: Build A Paintball Sentry Turret/Base

‎‎[OUTDATED]‎‎ Tutorial #3: The Sentry Shield

Tutorial #4: The Sentry Controller ‎(Standalone)‎

Version 8 Pan/Tilt/Fire Test ‎‎(with servos)‎‎

Version 8 Pan System Test

Sentry Gun Vision

Sentry Gun Version 5 - Targeting

Homemade Airsoft Sentry Gun Target Tracking